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Angel Haze


Angel Haze is an enigma who defies easy categorization. Since their self-­released debut mixtape, King (2011), the Detroit-­born rapper, singer and writer has interwoven the themes of abuse, despair, and suicide, with expressions of hope, courage, and triumph. Haze’s truth-spewing storytelling has attracted a global cult following and accolades, such as coveted positioning on singles charts in the US and UK and 2014 MTV VMA and BET Award nominations.

Their first studio album, Dirty Gold—which Haze leaked out of frustration with former label Island/Republic—focused on their childhood experiences growing up in an oppressive religious sect, and spawned the confessional collaboration with Australian singer Sia, “Battle Cry.” Their latest EP project, Back to the Woods, promises to paint an expressionistic portrait of a self-­possessed, future-­focused artist.

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