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Árstíðir, the eclectic indie outfit from Iceland, is once again back on the road with their unique vocal harmonies and musical personalities that has earned them their devoted fanbase all over the world.

More emboldened than ever the band has written and recorded two new albums in the past year. The older sibling Pendúll was released amidst a lunar eclipse last November and will be heard live for the first time on the upcoming tour.

Both sister albums - Pendúll & Blik - were funded through a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign which will also see the band record an auxiliary a cappella album and an underground concert in an Icelandic lava tunnel in honor of the campaigns stretch goals. The campaign, dubbed “two moments in time” once again proved their listeners devotion and passion for the band's music.

Anyone who has seen Árstíðir in concert before knows that this is a band that needs to be experienced live. And with two years of penned up energy ready to be released the band guarantees a truly special concert experience. So join Árstíðir on the road for a unique show - a unique moment in time.

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