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Berlin, December 2016 - “Keep that pussy high, brave dick will follow!” - Asbjørn introduces his forthcoming album BOY PWR without sugarcoating. The 1 minute 40 seconds fast-paced rap is an ode to the girl power that changed the female ideal in pop music, as well as an appeal to his fellow boys. “I want us to be braver, I want us to not give a fuck about what society defines as ‘masculine’ and start defining it ourselves,” Asbjørn says.In his five-year career, Asbjørn has already gathered devoted followers from all over the world, and the idea for BOY PWR came from interaction with fans, often writing their stories to him on social media. “It’s both a privilege and responsibility to have such a dedicated audience. I give myself to them and they give themselves back; and whether we’re in Brazil or Berlin, we’re all dealing with lack of acceptance from others or ourselves. BOY PWR is a universe where we can be exactly the version of ourselves we want.““BOY PWR is a reaction to the lack of diversity for men in pop culture. Decades of female artists fighting for the right to be themselves changed pop and youth culture for girls. We are not victims of the pop industry. We shape it, too. And reality is that a lot of boys don’t identify with today’s male ideal - we got to grow some balls and change that,” says the 24-year-old singer, songwriter and producer.As a kid in the 90’s Asbjørn created choreographies in his room to Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls, and today he still looks to them for inspiration. “I wanted to be like them. The girl power movement resonated with me because I felt different from the boys in school, and I wanted to explore what it meant for me to be a guy in my own way. BOY PWR is about freeing yourself and celebrating the diversity of being male.”With his two experimental pop albums Sunken Ships (2012) and Pseudo Visions (2015), Asbjørn marked his spot on the international scene. With BOY PWR he steps into new territory with the punchy title track (also featuring his mom and dad!) as well as the boyband’ish first single (Love Like A) Teenager to be released in the new year. “I have always been a total pop-geek and my new album is a tribute to the music I grew up with from the 90’s mixed with my vision for pop music today - with all the heart and balls I can muster,” Asbjørn declares.

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