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Caroline Chevin


Something big is coming. An album that combines practically everything human feelings have to offer in a collection of music. Heights, depths, nuance, sudden outbursts, painful loss – Caroline Chevin sings about all this on "Hey World", her third solo album. The 13 songs that Chevin, together with lyricist Sékou Neblett (Freundeskreis, Joy Denalane) and producer Philipp Schweidler (Seven, Marc Sway, etc.), has written and refined within the last year have unwittingly become a basis for discussion that covers everything: responsibility, relationships and their ramifications and endings – even if, or in fact because Chevin herself says that she had never consciously wanted to create a panopticon of such emotions or an album that truly embraces the Zeitgeist. These are songs in which everyone can find themselves – as good pop songs have a habit of doing.

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