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Due to the measures taken by the Swiss Federal Council in order to restrict the spreading of the corona virus that came into effect on 27th February 2020 and are ongoing, currently any kind of events are banned and concert locations ordered to close until June 8th 2020, while events with more than 1'000 attendees are not allowed to take place until 31. August 2020.

This means that all concerts during this time period cannot take place as previously planned. We are working hard on confirming replacement-dates for all shows, so you can still enjoy your favourite artists, only on another day. We are keeping you updated about each postponed show date individually in the corresponding artist & show information pages as well as via our social media channels. Please refer to these for the accurate status on the concert you wanted to attend.

Stay healthy, follow the recommended hygiene procedures and don’t lose your love for music!

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Just like there’s nothing about his pale Nordic skin and red hair that makes you think that he’s got some Spanish blood in his veins - there’s also not much about his baritone voice that makes you think that you’re listening to a boy in his early twenties. And although there are only 250.000 people living in his hometown of Bergen, great musical acts like AURORA, Kygo, Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience have all emerged from this rainy abode between the mountains. All these things are part of what makes dePresno's story so incredible, but they are far from the only ones. He took his first steps on his musical journey when he got a guitar as a gift from his parents at the ripe old age of four. Fed with the thrilling tales of Dylan, the haunting voice of Cohen and the hopeful songs of Bob Marley, he grew an early love for playing and singing. It was by no means an average home he grew up in; during his upbringing, he's had over twenty foster siblings, and visited as many as 50 countries. Not many knew about his great gift during his early teens. There's no denying that his shy side made him keep most of his performing and songwriting locked up in his bedroom. But there were those who knew that this voice deserved to escape the four walls of his home. At the age of 17, one of his many brothers spent his savings to give him a day in a recording studio. Hesitant, but excited, he recorded a cover of Donovan's "Catch the Wind", and put in motion things he could not have possibly imagined when he put on his shoes that same morning.

He released his debut single "Forever" in May 2015, and immediately sparked interest, getting booked to the By:Larm-festival in Oslo only a few hours after release.

"[...] feels like the missing connection between Jack Garratt and King Krule; innovative, unique and utterly enthralling. Alternating effortlessly between acoustic and electronic parts, it’s an indication of an artist with a very bright future." Crack in The Road

Later that year, he dropped "Stranger in Disguise", giving him a lot of radio time in Norway. It also got him to the final of the biggest unsigned artist competition in Norway, hosted by one of the biggest radio channels in the country.

"dePresno makes magnificent, unpredictable pop at a level rarely seen in this country. "Stranger in Disguise" is top class songwriting; it hits you instantly, and grows on you with every single listen." - P3 Urørt

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