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Rock, Electronic

GOOSE have always managed to unite people. Rockers and ravers. Pill-heads and piss-heads. Minimalists and maximalists. Techno junkies and indie-dance kids. They bring together two polar worlds and make them seem like they were always meant to be together. And they did this the hard way. It's much easier to go down the well trodden path, but bands like GOOSE know that although the journey is more treacherous, the view from the path less travelled is always better, the people who take that path are braver and the journey more interesting.

This band never said "we are the answer". They exist more to ask questions. To push boundaries and challenge preconceptions. Their raison d'être is first and foremost to be a band. They write, record, rehearse and perform live like any rock band, and if you've been to a GOOSE gig, you know they have a rare and formidable ability to connect with a crowd in the same way that usually only a really good DJ can. A band that are able to make a rock crowd rock and make a dance crowd dance. That is a rare and wonderful thing. Ask The Prodigy, they know this too.

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