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Madrid based band Izal represent like no other the quintessential new spanish and succesful indie band. None of the things that they have achieved until now are consequence of a huge marketing campaign or the support of the media. Since they were formed in 2010, all their career has been led by self-management. The five-piece band, integrated by Mikel Izal (voice and main composer), Emanuel Pérez “Gato” (bass), Alberto Pérez (guitars), Iván Mella (keyboards) and Alejandro Jordá (drums) has been climbing steps into the ranking of preferences of a young audience, thanks to a word-of-mouth capacity for turning their music viral. And a legion of young fans were eager to find a new band with which they could identify themselves.

Their three albums to this date, Magia y efectos especiales (2012), Agujeros de gusano (2013) and Copacabana (2015), have been like the three steps that have marked their relentless progression, backed up by awards like the one that the Rolling Stone Spanish edition gave them in 2013 as the best newcomer band. They are often compared with Vetusta Morla, Supersubmarina, Standstill or even Two Door Cinema Club, but their mastery to encapsulate cryptic lyrics in breathtaking and danceable is something that appeals to their own ability, more distant each day from their obvious references.

Izal are one of the few Spanish bands capable of putting the sold out tag in any venue, some weeks and months before they concerts are being celebrated. They are also one constant presence in the biggest Spanish festivals.

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