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Copenhagen-based pop-noir proponent Mattis, whose unique vocal tones and self-exploratory lyrics have been captivating fans since the release of 2017’s multi-million-stream single Loverboy, is back for 2020 with his most confident work yet. “To date I’ve only embraced my melancholic dark side,” he says. “I’ve had an inexplicable sadness inside me since I was a little kid, but I’m also a man of extremes and with my new music I’m exploring the more extroverted side of my personality.’

The opening shot is brooding single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, recorded by Mattis in the closing stages of 2019 with his longterm friends Ole Bjórn and David Mørup (John Newman, Steve Aoki, Scarlet Pleasure). It’s a pensive nocturnal belter inspired by an argument between Mattis and his girlfriend — an argument which forced Mattis to confront his own shortcomings. “I was ashamed of myself after the argument,” he admits. “My girlfriend forgave me, but I couldn’t forgive myself because I’d behaved like a fucking idiot. It was one of those moments in a relationship where you’re pulled up on not acting like a fully-functioning human being.” Capturing the knack for self-reflection that runs through all his music, he adds: “It’s in those moments that you learn a lot about yourself.”

"A superb voice that oozes unbridled color and petrifying dynamism." - Huffington Post

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