Pop, Electronic, Experimental Namaka


Pop, Electronic, Experimental

Swiss electro-pop outfit Namaka released a first EP called "Apron Ties" – a debut that sounds surprisingly grown-up and well-balanced. Produced by Alexandre Maurer (Marquis Malanga, Mama Magnet), it celebrates rough electronic beats and a fascination for fluid soundscapes. Single "Cellophane" (re-released on Mouthwatering Records in August 2019) is featured on several radios in Switzerland and on blogs like Electronic North (UK) and Mainstage.

Namaka seeks for the constant interaction between analogical and digital; organic and mechanical. Philipp Schlotter (Me&Mobi, Swatka City) and Fred Bürki (Anna Aaron, Me&Mobi) create a body of sound in between sparseness and luxuriance, - a wide electronic wall, on which singer Sophie Adam’s voice hypnotically draws a golden line.

The band is working on new material, to be released on Mouthwatering Records.

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