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Pop, Rock Núria Graham

Núria Graham

Pop, Rock

Spanish singer Núria Graham released her debut album "Bird Eyes" back in 2015, and within a little over two years, dropped her 2016 EP "In The Cave" and her 2017 LP "Does It Ring a Bell?". In her latest LP Graham shines vibrantly with earthy vocals and instrumentation that ropes together a breezy 70s pop sound with a modern indie pressing. Núria Graham's new album "Marjorie" had been released in February 2020.

Graham's fourth album starts by saying goodbye to his native Ireland to enter a kind of family tree where real and invented characters are confused. Thus we find his grandmother Marjorie whom he never met, a dealer named Shirley or the sad drinker Hazel, three women who continue to swell the list of memorable characters that have been appearing in their songs, but also appear other voices for which Núria Graham acts almost like a medium: his uncle Niall Graham, who never published a record, author of the song "No returning", or his friends Power Burkas to whom he responds in "Toilet Chronicles".

The album contains some of the most rounded songs of his career, originally written on piano, drum machine and voice, thinking of classics like Todd Rundgren, Carole King or Joni Mitchell and some of his heirs such as Cass McCombs or Angel Olsen. A mirror that returns an image halfway between the soft-rock of rarefied atmospheres and the liquid soul in the form of 10 songs arranged by herself and played in studio by her inseparable squires Jordi Casadesús, Aleix Bou and Artur Tort.

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