Rock SANDY Alex G



"Now I know everything," Alex Giannascoli sings on "Poison Root," the first track on his new album as (Sandy) Alex G, Rocket. He mutters it 13 times in total. The track clatters and flickers around him: dogs barking, banjo arpeggios, a violin bouncing about in staccato. Melodies spring up, the beginnings of phrases that never find conclusions. Almost everything misses a quarter-beat. The only things that stay in time are the simple, strummed chords of Giannascoli's acoustic guitar and a piano's bass note, crashing in when the song begins to swell up, drowning out his all-consuming mantra. He keeps repeating the line—"Now I know everything / Now I know everything"—but it remains a barely audible murmur in the major-key chaos until, suddenly, everything cuts.

Rocket, Giannascoli's seventh studio album, is kaleidoscopic. It fractures and fragments, new ideas appearing in the periphery, its focus shifting, constantly offering new colors and shapes. It's the sound of (Sandy) Alex G knowing everything 13 times in a row and then, suddenly, knowing nothing at all.

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