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Born into a music family, Rasmus Littauer aka School of X has always been playing and performing music — and in the last decade as a respected figure on the Copenhagen underground scene — a role shared with Rasmus’ brothers Jakob (Yangze) and Simon Littauer who are also artists in their own right. Their parents are folk musicians and their father also builds guitars. Alongside his work with School of X, Rasmus Littauer has toured the world these past 7 years as the musical director and drummer for MØ.

School of X’s debut EP "Faded.Dream" gained Rasmus Littauer a local fan base in his native Denmark as well as some international buzz in media like I-D, Dummy and Nylon as well as festival performances at Roskilde, Eurosonic and many more. Following the release, School of X turned his focus inwards and spent the next couple of years redefining his artistic output.

What followed was the radically intimate EP "Destiny" (2019) which stood in contrast to his previous bombastic output by utilizing minimalist and slow paced song structures and deeply personal lyrics about the nature of human relationships. In 2020 School of X is finally ready to release his debut album. Entitled "Armlock", the record can be seen as the synthesis between the explosive indie pop from 2017’s EP "Faded.Dream" and the intimacy of last years’ "Destiny".

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