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The Franklin Electric


A flash of blue across the night sky. Electricity: it is life itself. The spark that fires the brain, the heart, the imagination. The spark that fires Jon Matte and The Franklin Electric.

After their lightning-bolt breakthrough single This Is How I Let You Down, the Montreal band returns with a highly anticipated second album, Blue Ceilings, with music that’s ready to light up the night.

The Franklin Electric steps up to the next level with Blue Ceilings: music that casts a spell, on a human scale. A mature, fully-formed sound that embraces the riddles of life and love. Start with I Know the Feeling– graceful, dramatic, dark at the edges, like the minutes just before dawn or the gloaming.

“I really like that song,” Matte says, “because it feels like I’m relating to everybody, and connecting with them.” It is human music for an auto-tuned world.

In Walk With You, “I actually just wrote down a conversation I had with a girlfriend – real quotations. The lyrics were very personal to me, and it’s a little bit of a heartbreak song.” And a girl or guy in the audience may be hearing a conversation they had. "If you’re a photographer and you take a picture, it’s a monologue. I think music is a dialogue between the players.” And the listener.

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