Pop, Experimental Yves Tumor

Yves Tumor

Pop, Experimental

Yves Tumor? Try to unravel, and the dimensions and personas spill out like the cracked andwarped contents of a grotesquely beautiful matryoshka doll. A gothic soundscape auteur? Details are scant, so the music does most of the talking…

To see Yves Tumor step upon a stage is to be thrashed by a howling cyberpunk fiend - yet filter the recorded output and be treated to a kaleidoscopic union of classic songwriting and lobotomized sound experiments. The duality unveils subtly but hints and images can beparsed from music and lyrics, giving that impression that on experience and listen it just might be possible that everything will come into a pop perfect focus.

The new album, “Safe in the Hands of Love” will be released digitally on September 5 and on CD / 2LP on October 14. The album is Yves Tumor’s first on Warp Records.

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