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Due to the measures taken by the Swiss Federal Council in order to restrict the spreading of the corona virus that came into effect on 27th February 2020 and are ongoing, currently any kind of events are banned and concert locations ordered to close until June 8th 2020, while events with more than 1'000 attendees are not allowed to take place until 31. August 2020.

This means that all concerts during this time period cannot take place as previously planned. We are working hard on confirming replacement-dates for all shows, so you can still enjoy your favourite artists, only on another day. We are keeping you updated about each postponed show date individually in the corresponding artist & show information pages as well as via our social media channels. Please refer to these for the accurate status on the concert you wanted to attend.

Stay healthy, follow the recommended hygiene procedures and don’t lose your love for music!

Thank you, your team at Just Because.

Pop, Rock Zach Kleisinger

Zach Kleisinger

Pop, Rock

There is a distinct vulnerability in Canadian singer-songwriter Zach Kleisinger’s music. With a voice that is deep, slow, and soaked in sorrow, he reflects on the human condition with stories that chronicle everyday moments. The characters in his songs are crushed by broken relationships, financial problems, failing careers, and are oftentimes unable to understand their own anguish. They are also possessed by love and introspection, by their passions and aspirations; but are seldom guilty of refusing their own failures and flaws. These characters exist in a world of wholesome melodies that are deliberate and embracing; leaving those who live there with a hope and yearning for the future. Zach Kleisinger’s songs will sink into special places within and remind us of the brevity of our time on this earth.

His second EP, entitled “I Hope Its Calm, Then”, was released on March 30th of 2018, and showcases a delicately refined sound by the young Canadian. The EP began in Montreal when the songwriter was closing out a cross-Canada tour. The album is raw, honest, and asks the listener to reflect on how temporary life is. Zach explains, “I think that’s how the recording of these songs began, in that they were built on a feeling that something inside of me was no longer. I look at it now and see that I had a collection of small crisis building on top of one another. There were a few failed relationships, I had run into some trouble with the law, and many people had come and gone from my life in a very short period of time. There wasn’t much around that I trusted.”

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