Ad Infinitum Concert @ Rock The Lakes, Vallamand - SA 20.08.2022 - Just Because
Ad Infinitum Concert at Rock The Lakes, Vallamand on SA 20.08.2022

Ad Infinitum

SA 20.08.2022
Rock The Lakes, Vallamand

AD INFINITUM is a European modern symphonic metal band created in 2018 by Melissa Bonny. Drummer Niklas Müller, guitarist Adrian Thessenvitz and bassist Korbinian Benedict complete this heavy and mesmerizing quartet. While dropping their debut back in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, AD INFINITUM nevertheless managed to attract considerable attention and to start their unstoppable ascent in the metal scene.

The band combines heavy and modern riffs, epic and enchanting orchestrations, haunting vocal melodies and demonic growls with finesse and like no one else. A signature sound that is defined and established even clearer with their second album Chapter II - Legacy, coming in October 2021!

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