Alina Amuri Concert @ Moon & Stars, Locarno - TU 19.07.2022 - Just Because
Alina Amuri Concert at Moon & Stars, Locarno on TU 19.07.2022

Alina Amuri

TU 19.07.2022
Moon & Stars, Locarno
Alina Amuri is rooted in the Neo Soul/Urban genre. Her voice is modern, warm, and deeply touching. Her melodious singing transfixes us and gives us goosebumps, only to make us groove a moment later as if there was no tomorrow. And as if Amuri’s voice weren’t instrument enough already, she will occasionally wield a guitar or even a transverse flute to entrance us further.

When Alina joined the children’s choir of the Zurich Opera, the initial goals were joy and distraction, and yet another way to channel her energy. When she discovered her love for the transverse flute as a teenager and started to practice it ferociously, she started to also unveil the singer inside herself. Rhythm and grove. Humming along to songs. Singing along… Alina Amuri, who irrevocably lost her heart to music the moment she started her apprenticeship at a renowned music store, decided to focus on her natural talent of singing. Alina invests prodigious amounts of time, inspiration, and diligence in the training and development of her voice. She participates in music workshops, learns to play the guitar as an adult, and has recently discovered the e-piano for herself.

The world is a stage. Alina incorporates all her resources into her performances, which leads to unforgettable live shows: at the Frauenfeld Open Air, in Zurich’s Moods club, at the Baloise Session, the Zurich Film Festival, Les Docks in Lausanne, Bierhübeli Bern, the Instituto Svizzero in Rome, Italy, or at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris, France.

She shines as a solo act, as a member of a trio or with a full band, as a headliner or as the supporting act for such artists as Raphael Saadiq, John Legend, Naturally 7, Selah Sue or Jessy J.

In 2015, she won SRF 3 “Best Talent April” award, the year after she was nominated for the Swiss Music Award in category «Best Talent». In 2019, Alina Amuri won the Swiss Live Talents Award in the category “Best Emerging Talent”.

Alina is currently working on new music. New releases are being planned, and her newly assembled live sets will soon bring Alina Amuri’s magic grove back to audiences everywhere. Stay tuned!

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