All XS Concert at Sender, Zürich on TH 28.06.2018

All XS

TH 28.06.2018
Sender, Zürich

All XS give us perky synth pop, early British house and minimal electronic music as the foundation, add a dash of token classical embellishments, and all topped with vocal melodies influenced by the styles of R'n'B. The result? A whole new unique audio experience free from generic constraints.

AII XS is the project of four musically inclined individuals not only coming full circle, but in doing so challenge the notion of pigeon caging musical groups to genres and songs to standard structures. Their debut album "Soma Fortuna United", combines the strengths of all four members, Niklas Settler, Nabyla Serag, Moritz Stettler and Melanie Zwahlen, and their other musical outfits all entrapped into 10 full realised songs all self produced and recorded in Bern, Switzerland.

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