Allman Brown @ Papiersaal - TU 25.09.2018 - Shows - Just Because
Allman Brown Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on TU 25.09.2018

Allman Brown

TU 25.09.2018
Papiersaal, Zürich

2017 proved to be a breakthrough year for Allman Brown: the momentum set in motion by 2013’s ‘Sons And Daughters’ EP culminated in a debut album release (the acclaimed ‘1000 Years’), which featured a number of old fan favourites alongside a batch of new songs.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman and Bruce Springsteen whilst growing up in Hong Kong, Brown latterly discovered and embraced musical visionaries such as Ryan Adams, Justin Vernon and Sufjan Stevens. All these musicians - alongside a wide range of literary writers and filmmakers - have indirectly shaped ‘1000 Years’, a record that brims with emotions, varying styles and heart-on-sleeve lyrical honesty.

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