Brett Dennen Concert @ X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich - SA 22.07.2023 - Just Because
Brett Dennen Concert at X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich on SA 22.07.2023

Brett Dennen

SA 22.07.2023
X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich

Doors: 19h00
Brett Dennen: 20h00

Brett Dennen did not set out to be a professional musician. That's surprising because he embodies the best of songwriting: singular storytelling, singability, and the unique capacity to hold up a mirror to our lives, our society, and the greater world. Before all that, he was a painter. Perhaps that's whe his lyrics have always seemed to bloom before one’s eyes, somehow both stark and colorful, intricately constructed and sweeping in their scope.

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