BRNS Concert @ Le Port Franc, Sion - FR 31.03.2023 - Just Because
BRNS Concert at Le Port Franc, Sion on FR 31.03.2023


FR 31.03.2023
Le Port Franc, Sion

From the medieval and postmodern corners of Brussels come 4-piece BRNS (pronounced “BRAINS”), a mesmerizing experiment in dusk, dance, and the fullness of sound. The quartet of talented multi-instrumentalists weaves together tunes that are mystical, moody and insatiably catchy. BRNS is ceaseless in their ability to unfold haunting ambience into chest-pounding beats, and then back again.

BRNS just finished work on their new record in New York and will be unveiling new material this spring and couldn't be happier to bring it out on the road.

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