DIAMANTE Concert @ Plaza, Zürich - MO 20.06.2022 - Just Because
DIAMANTE Concert at Plaza, Zürich on MO 20.06.2022


MO 20.06.2022
Plaza, Zürich

With iridescent sapphire hair, a show-stopping voice, runway-ready style, and an empowering message, Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American sonic heroine DIAMANTE is bringing a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music. Serendipitously, her name might be destined for a future in the spotlight. “In Spanish, Diamante means ‘Diamond,’ and my middle name Azzura means ‘Blue’ in Italian,” she explains. “If I were a color, I would be blue. I love it, because it’s bold, ethereal, and everything I am.”

Born to an Italian father and Mexican mother in a Boston suburb, she always stood out. Interchangeably speaking three languages—Italian, Spanish, and English— DIAMANTE would find inspiration from words early in her life. With reverence for luminaries like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King, she began penning poetry and short stories at a young age.

Drawn to musical theater, the budding performer starred in school productions of The Little Mermaid, Grease, and more before relocating to Los Angeles with her family at the age of 13. Already a fan of Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, her discovery of rock music via a School of Rock summer program ignited a passion.

After the release of her debut studio album, ‘Coming in Hot,’ in 2018, DIAMANTE didn’t turn down the heat. She spent that summer touring with Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch. Her collaboration that year with the band Bad Wolves, titled “Hear Me Now,” would go on to hit #1 on the Active Rock radio charts. She went out with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in the summer of 2019, and closed the year out on her first-ever headlining run, ingeniously titled the “Blue Balls" holiday tour.

Last year, DIAMANTE hit the studio with her long-time creative partner and super producer Howard Benson, as well as Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace. With Benson and Sanderson at the helm, DIAMANTE would record her new single, "Obvious;" the first new music from the trailblazing solo artist since parting ways with her record label and publisher.

Her first release as an independent artist since becoming a breakout star in the Rock world, all the while bringing an army of impassioned fans along for the ride, it's becoming "Obvious" that DIAMANTE is poised to forge her own brilliant, blue path.

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