DJ Krush Concert at Dachstock, Bern on FR 20.04.2018

DJ Krush

FR 20.04.2018
Dachstock, Bern

Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing his sound who's been greatly received in the international club scene. KRUSH began pursuing his solo career in 1992, and soon grabbed people's attention as the first DJ to use turntables as a live instrument.

DJ KRUSH has released his 1st album 'KRUSH' in January 1994, and has release nine solo albums, one mix album, and two self-remix albums. All his solo releases have ranked high in various charts in & out of Japan, and his 6th album 'Zen' had been highly acclaimed and awarded the Best Electronica Album in 2002 AIFM Awards (US). In 2007, a historical collection of the 12 years of his career 'Suimou Tsunenimasu' was released in Japan in a special DVD box, and has also released ten monthly singles in 2011. In 2015, KRUSH came back with his first album in 11 years, 'Butterfly Effect' and conducted world tour from October 2015 to June 2016, at 60 cities in 23 countries.

In 2017, KRUSH is scheduled to release two albums, his first ever rap album and instrumental album, to commemorate his solo career's 25th anniversary. World tour is scheduled as well.

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