Eagle-Eye Cherry Concert @ Plaza, Zürich - FR 12.04.2019 - Just Because
Eagle-Eye Cherry Concert at Plaza, Zürich on FR 12.04.2019

Eagle-Eye Cherry

FR 12.04.2019
Plaza, Zürich

In collaboration with Ishtar Music

From the world’s biggest arenas to a needed break – Eagle-Eye Cherry is back!

Nobody can have avoided hearing “Save Tonight” that has streamed over 150 million times on Spotify and is still played on radio all over the world. The global hit was first released in Sweden and made it to the USA the summer of 1998. After six years of continuous touring and three albums, selling over 3 million records, Eagle-Eye Cherry took a break. When the artist visited Nashville and the legendary Black Bird studio he found the inspiration and drive to make music again. Back in Sweden the ideas started to take form and together with Ollie Olson, David Lindgren Zacharias and Anders Pettersson “Streets of you” was created, which is the first single from the upcoming album that was released last fall.

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