ELIAS Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - SO 27.09.2020 - Just Because
ELIAS Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on SO 27.09.2020


SO 27.09.2020
Papiersaal, Zürich

It is the kick-off of a new chapter in his music career! Before the Swedish singer and songwriter will release his new upcoming EP "HIM" via Universal Music, ELIAS presents his first new song "I Give You The Best". The single and the accompanying video, directed by Daniel Eskils (a.o. Boys Noize, Mando Diao etc) are just the beginning... He's just in his early twenties and has a voice that - as so often quoted, but here definitely a fact - is simply unique and unforgettable. ELIAS was inspired by very different styles, especially soul, gospel and R & B, which he combines with pop and urban sounds to create an extraordinary mix. ELIAS brings a depth, melancholy and thoughtfulness into his songs and touches all senses with a rare sensitivity: ELIAS presents his very own definition of pop music.

Following the release of ELIAS’ debut album last year, which earned him two gold records as well as his previous two Swedish Grammy nominations, the new EP’s theme is a journey into his inner self. That in particular wasn’t an easy task for the musician: "I’ve learned to open up. About me and what is going on inside me. The songs on the EP deal with the oppositions and contradictions that define modern life. On one hand, of course, I speak of myself, on the other, I am leaving the listeners enough freedom to interpret themselves and to identify with the lyrics. Most of the lyrics are about self-knowledge, about the urge for freedom and about freeing oneself from the ideas and expectations of others. "

ELIAS finds inspiration for his new songs in the music of his childhood and artists such as the soul queens Nina Simone and Roberta Flack, Antony & The Johnsons, James Blake – strong voices, just like his own. "My older brother played the records by Nina Simone back then, I immediately fell in love with her soulful voice." At the age of 13, ELIAS sang in the Tensta gospel choir and wrote his first own songs. His lyrics are a mix of autobiographical parts like own experiences or dreams, which Elias merges with observations and stories from his life. His songs are telling stories straight from real life, describing inner and outer snapshots, no matter what emotional color or shade - ELIAS is a storyteller, silent observer and versed onlooker who transforms all that into songs that hit us in the heart and always give a glimpse of hope.

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