Freddie Gibbs @ Plaza - MO 04.11.2019 - Shows - Just Because
Freddie Gibbs Concert at Plaza, Zürich on MO 04.11.2019

Freddie Gibbs

MO 04.11.2019
Plaza, Zürich

Over the past decade plus, Freddie Gibbs has carved out a reputation for honesty. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, the artist’s countless mixtapes and recent albums offered living proof that the candor associated with classic gangster rap could survive the genre’s commercial decline. He’s not quite a throwback, but he is a stalwart, a true believer in the power of spoken words regarding criminal deeds, framed in complete sentences and delivered with unfiltered charisma. Where younger artists mix and match multiple aesthetics, Gibbs distills and refines the one he grew up with in the ’90s. He means what he says, and he sounds like the grown man he is.

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