Her Concert at Mascotte, Zürich on MO 30.04.2018


MO 30.04.2018
Mascotte, Zürich

Emerging band Her announce 'Tape #1', their debut mixtape released on vinyl November 27nd 2015 and digitally in January 2016. This mixtape follows their hypnotic debut track Quite Like, which reached international critical acclaim when they posted it up on Soundcloud.

Tape #1 encapsulates the word of Her in their signature hypnotic, yet subtle style. Following opening track Quite Like, the standout track Five Minutes offers another tale of sophisticated seduction, which sets the tone for the rest of this new tape. Citing the combination of Frank Ocean, Shuggie Otis, Child of Lov and Aaron Neville as a musical reference, Her have succinctly delivered their unique take on modern charm, romance and the female race.

Lead singers of Her, Victor and Simon envisage to represent all the women who inspired them, but also the incarnation of a duality; “We’re trying to achieve 1+1=3, that third person being Her”. Victor was born in Germany spent his childhood in Kraftwerk and Can, and Simon his high school years in exile in the United States from where he imprinted the roots of music of Black culture. These various influences shape their songs, immersed into the tormented world current affairs in which they find their sources for lyrics.

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