IAMX (Solo & Acoustic) Concert @ L'Amalgame, Yverdon-les-Bains - SA 01.05.2021 - Just Because
IAMX Concert at L'Amalgame, Yverdon-les-Bains on SA 01.05.2021

IAMX (Solo & Acoustic)

SA 01.05.2021
L'Amalgame, Yverdon-les-Bains

Transformation is at the core of Chris Corner’s music and outlook. Ever since leaving wildly successful trip-hop group Sneaker Pimps, Corner’s process of becoming IAMX beginning in 2004 has been theatrical, transcendent, and communal. Androgynous and visceral, IAMX has metamorphosed from small-town blue-collar kid to international pop star in the late 1990’s to creator of raw art that disrupts gender and genre in the 2000’s. Fuelling electronic experimentation with punk energy and confessional lyricism, Corner’s dark alternative electronic sound, fashion, performances, videos, and persona are larger than life, iconoclastic, and shockingly intimate.

Growing up as a self-described socially anxious geek, Corner’s interest in music was stoked by a “weird uncle” who would play “strange music” to him. Interest became obsession, and obsession a means through which Corner explored his growing fascination with technology. The interest lingers to this day, as IAMX not only writes and performs, but also produces his own music. The awkward kid who spent a lot of time in his room became the iconoclastic artist who recently spent weeks in a converted homestead in the mojave desert staring at mountains, mining the silence around him, fastidiously regenerating the muscle memory in his fingers, and practising, and honing his new album, Echo Echo.

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