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Juniore Concert at Waldstock Openair, Steinhausen on TH 30.07.2020


TH 30.07.2020
Waldstock Openair, Steinhausen

After nearly three years of touring countries across the world, their new record “Un, Deux, Trois” was released on the 28th february 2020.

Recorded by Samy Osta, the album is full of their distinctive tones, a flavorful mix of genres and the delicate roughness that defines Juniore. The new tunes continue to explore the future as 60’s France hadn’t quite imagined it - an improbable encounter between Brigitte Bardot and the mad world of the B-52’s. Songs that recount the modern world in everything that makes it anachronic. With cool ballads to slow-dance to, uplifting rhythms to twist, Juniore tells stories of falling in and out love, light and heavy-hearted urban tales, sweet and sour apocalypse and new beginnings - the sort of “Yéyé noir” that makes Juniore.

Always nostalgic, but never retro. With their discreet charm, Juniore isn’t afraid of paradoxes. Lead by Anna Jean, the band of garçonnes isn’t simply feminist or only female. A whimsical creature performed with them for years and like tarot cards being shuffled, for the new album, Juniore will be three on stage– “Un, Deux, Trois”. Anna Jean sings in a monotonous and velvet voice and shares keyboards and guitars with the electric Samy Osta, while Swanny Elzingre is radiant and full of sensual force at the drums.

Anna writes songs, plays them with Swanny and Samy brings them to life. She sketches the images and puts together the videos with the help of friends. The three work and travel and play together like school mates, (nearly) adult friends.

While French Yéyé, Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot, never seem far, it doesn’t sum up Juniore. A contemporary sense of urgency has infiltrated their songs, through the subtle lyrics and delicate melodies - like the soundtrack of a dream-beach-horror-romance-road-movie, inspired by the fantastic magic of Sergio Leone, Romero, Carpenter, Tarantino or Jodorowsky and the ordinary madness of the Nouvelle Vague. Juniore explores specific issues with universal values, music as a language and a form of storytelling, in a dimension where all the mixes and matches are allowed.

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