Lea Lu Concert @ Songbird Festival, Davos - WE 19.12.2018 - Just Because
Lea Lu Concert at Songbird Festival, Davos on WE 19.12.2018

Lea Lu

WE 19.12.2018
Songbird Festival, Davos
The new album from LEA LU is here! The acoustic songs on the new album tell in full freshness and with a lot of drive about the joy and the longing for connection and encounter, the fermented loneliness in the form of nocturnal desert melodies and images about freedom. With the accompaniment of jazz musicians Claudio Strüby, Shems Bendali and Daniela Sarda, the songs become playful spaces in which the audience and the band will meet cheerfully and dance! The band line-up can be booked flexibly depending on the venue and event, from duo to big band.

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