Len Sander Concert at Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf on SA 16.03.2019

Len Sander

SA 16.03.2019
Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf

The members of Zurich-based band Len Sander - built around vocalist, songwriter, visual artist and sociologist Blanka Inauen and producer Al Hug - share the goal of blending music, art, fashion, and a brace of other disciplines into an eclectic and expressive union. At the release of their debut ‘Phantom Garden’ in early 2015, Len Sander had already been signed by Mouthwatering Records , a label representing some of Switzerland’s keenest musicians such as Odd Beholder , Laskaar and True .

The songs on their debut album have been remixed by household names such as Pablo Nouvelle , Wolfman’s Angelo Repetto , Dave Eleanor , Knor and Oilst and Ben Jarli . The band’s next single ‘Places’ went through the roof, being played on BBC1 , SRF3 , SRF Virus , Couleur3 , Rete 3 as well as MTV/Viva.

In October 2017, the band released the single ‘Woman On The Run’. The album ‘The Future Of Lovers’ (mixed by Hannes Bieger ) followed soon thereafter in January 2018. Musically influenced by diverse artists such as Solange Knowles and Justin Vernon , the oeuvre examines philosophical questions about the state of sex and love in our post-digital world.

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