Madison McFerrin Concert at La Spirale, Fribourg on FR 25.10.2019

Madison McFerrin

FR 25.10.2019
La Spirale, Fribourg

After some time, Madison McFerrin, soul singer-songwriter and daughter of jazz legend Bobby McFerrin, returns ahead of the release of her upcoming acapella R&B EP, Finding Foundations Vol. II. Just in time for the February month of love, “Insane” is a soul drenched, harmonious song finding McFerrin’s fluttering vocals yearning for a love she simply cannot deny. “I wrote “Insane” while I was snowed in, home alone at my parents place in Philly,” she recently told Saint Heron. “I got stuck on one idea for another song, so I decided to try something else on the piano. The floating “oooo” melodies kind of happened by accident, then the melody and lyrics flowed from there. Clearly I was missing my man.”

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