Special info: CONCERTS & EVENTS in the times of the Corona Crisis

We are glad that, after the last months, during which most cultural events had to be cancelled or postponed as a result of the measures taken by the Swiss Federal Council in order to restrict the spreading of the coronavirus, live concerts are slowly coming back into our lives.

However, despite the official decision to allow events with above 1’000 visitors again as of October 2020, artists and concert organisers still have to deal with constantly changing and regionally differing measures – ranging from new limitations in the canton of Zurich, via registering-apps to mandatory mask-wearing or distancing rules in other places.

Therefore, we advise you to always check the official information of each event-location directly to inform yourself about the most accurate status and regulation of the concert you want to attend. Additionally, we would like to encourage every music-fan to use the Swiss Covid App, as we strongly believe that the more people act responsibly and observe the health-recommendations, the sooner we will succeed as a community to make attending social events secure again.

In the meantime, we are trying to keep you updated as good as possible about any changes in the corresponding artist & show information pages as well as via our social media channels.

Stay healthy, follow the recommended hygiene procedures and don’t lose your love for music!
Thank you, your team at Just Because.

Mads Langer Concert at Mascotte, Zürich on SA 06.02.2021

Mads Langer

SA 06.02.2021
Mascotte, Zürich

Mads Langer’s voice is a marvel, subtle and nuanced yet powerful enough to captivate crowds in the tens of thousands—even when accompanied only by his graceful piano and guitar work. He is a multi platinum and multi award winning artist in his home country Denmark and over the last decade the Danish singer/songwriter has become a household name in his homeland, drawing an adoring fanbase on the strength of his warm presence and soulful sensitivity. Langer is now at work on an album that brings his introspective songwriting to an even deeper level of vulnerability.

The follow-up to Reckless Twin—a 2016 album featuring his hit single “3AM”—Langer’s forthcoming full-length reclaims a certain unfettered spirit from his first attempts at songwriting. “I feel like I can learn a lot from my earliest material, because it was so pure,” says Langer, who began playing piano at age 3 and writing songs at 8. “With the new album, I made a point of getting back to what I first loved about music: those moments where a song comes together and you don’t really know how it happened, and it just gives you the chills.”

Once in Copenhagen, Langer began recording demos in his apartment and later landed a deal with Copenhagen Records, who released his full-length debut Attention Please in 2006. When the album failed to take off, Langer bought an old car and drove all around Europe, stopping in various cities to busk in the streets. “That whole experience really helped me find my direction as an artist, because it was all about building that connection between the songs and the audience,” he says. “I’d be in Barcelona, just playing a song in the street, and all of a sudden there’d be a quite a big crowd—everything happening in this very organic way.”

In creating his upcoming album, Langer has traveled to far-flung cities like L.A. and London and Berlin, collaborating with some of the most in-demand producers and songwriters in music today and purposely imbuing that raw-nerve honesty into his songs. In that process, Langer aims to strike a delicate balance between contrasting emotions, possibly giving way to an unexpected harmony. “To me music has the strongest impact when it’s got a melancholic feeling but also gives me hope, and that’s the sweet spot I’m always trying to find,” says Langer. “I’m a hyper-sensitive person and music has always helped me deal with that,” he adds, “so at the same time I want to get through to all the other extra-sensitive people out there. I’d love for them to feel some kind of recognition in my music, and maybe get a little peace of mind.”

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