Muthoni Drummer Queen Concert at Caves du Manoir, Martigny on FR 21.09.2018

Muthoni Drummer Queen

FR 21.09.2018
Caves du Manoir, Martigny

Muthoni Drummer Queen are giving the “Motown formula” a truly post-millennial makeover. The new album SHE is packed with soul-nourishing hits, distilling the rich spectrum of contemporary Afro-Diasporic sound into intelligent, timeless positive music to celebrate the beauty, strength, innovation and resilience of African women.

SHE was recorded and produced by Muthoni in collaboration with the Swiss producers GR! and HOOK during a series of “bootcamp” sessions, for which Muthoni flew in from Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a concept album, channeling a prismatic array of stories about women.

Musically, SHE is an amalgam of numerous styles. There are overt allusions to just about everything from old school hip hop, through blues, dancehall, retro-soul, future r&b, all types of African club inflections and a variety of global bass specimens. What fuses all of these disparate sonic elements and creates an overall stylistic cohesion on the record, is GR! and HOOK’s signature production. It’s a sound that comes off both modern and timeless, clubby and radio compatible.

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