Namaka Concert at Bogen F, Zürich on TH 07.10.2021


TH 07.10.2021
Bogen F, Zürich

Swiss electro-pop outfit Namaka seeks for the constant interaction between analogical and digital; organic and mechanical. Philipp Schlotter and Fred Bürki create a body of sound in between sparseness and luxuriance, - a wide electronic wall, on which singer Sophie Adam’s voice hypnotically draws a golden line.

Namaka released a new EP ‘Water On The Sun’ in May 2020 on Mouthwatering Records. Open-minded and honest, the songs celebrate feminine strength and empowered vulnerability. More empathy, less pride - ‘Water on The Sun’ honors emotionality as a strong tenderness rising in our bodies and drowning our fears.

The band finds its balance in between driving electronic beats and fluid pop melodies. It feels like this one moment after going out on a rave. Still slightly euphoric, you just sit there and rest with the first light of the day.