Pablo Nouvelle Concert at Le Port Franc, Sion on SA 22.09.2018

Pablo Nouvelle

SA 22.09.2018
Le Port Franc, Sion
„Nouvelle takes the soul back to the future.“ wrote the Guardian, a newspaper not given to facile superlatives. That was three years ago. Now, with his second album, the studio magician Pablo Nouvelle has created a new future. Instead of building up his tracks from samples of old records, the sound of the organic human voice is now at the centre of his music.

Free from any mental associations and memories that samples of well-known recordings might trigger in the listener, „All I Need“ creates an almost physical sense of landscape and distant horizons. It is still perfectly possible to dance to Pablo Nouvelle’s music, of course. However, in a different context the beats might also turn into the pulse of meditative contemplation.

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