Pat Burgener Concert @ Hiking Sounds, Crans-Montana - SO 18.06.2023 - Just Because
Pat Burgener Concert at Hiking Sounds, Crans-Montana on SO 18.06.2023

Pat Burgener

SO 18.06.2023
Hiking Sounds, Crans-Montana

Gifted with an extraordinary talent on snow since his childhood, he joined the Swiss national team at the age of 14. His ambition had opened the doors to the top flight and catapulted him into the top 3 on many occasions. But fate spares no man, and like many top-level athletes Pat got injured. After a snowboarding injury in 2014, Pat used the time off the snow to work on his second passion, music. Since 2014, Pat released 4 EPs totalling more than 10 million streams on Spotify.