Rat Boy Concert @ Mascotte, Zürich - MO 03.12.2018 - Just Because
Rat Boy Concert at Mascotte, Zürich on MO 03.12.2018

Rat Boy

MO 03.12.2018
Mascotte, Zürich

Rat Boy’s homegrown raps paint a lyrical dissertation of suburban Britain. It’s a place in which stepping onto public transport is akin to entering a battlefield: a land of wannabe gangsters, muggings and sportswear casualties.

The Chelmsford resident observes the society around him and encapsulates his environment in songs which flow with wit and caustic disparagement. He’s firmly within the storytelling lineage of Britain’s great lyricists who represent some of his greatest influences: Ian Dury, The Clash, Squeeze, Blur and The Streets.

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