Sam Himself Concert @ Sommernachtsfest, Romanshorn - FR 05.08.2022 - Just Because
Sam Himself Concert at Sommernachtsfest, Romanshorn on FR 05.08.2022

Sam Himself

FR 05.08.2022
Sommernachtsfest, Romanshorn
Sam Himself - New Yorker by choice, 'Fondue Western’ baritone by trade - announces an extensive Swiss tour on the occasion of the releasing his debut album in the autumn/winter of 2021/2022.

We are looking forward to finally experiencing live again the "King Of Tears" (RTS) with its captivating baritone and bittersweet melodies live with band again - and to discover yet unknown facets of the artist on the ten new songs of his first LP.

The Pursuit Of Happiness is part of the American self-image and even enshrined in the US Constitution; for the indie rock singer and songwriter Sam Koechlin, aka SAM HIMSELF, it was to pursue his dream of a music career that made him move from his hometown of Basel to New York almost 10 years ago.

There he developed - after college, several bands and other adventures - in close collaboration with the producer Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs; Amen Dunes; DIIV) and an illustrious troupe of creative partners, including mastering engineer Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen; David Bowie), Josh Werner (bass – Iggy Pop, CocoRosie, Bill Laswell) and Parker Kindred (drums – Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith) his musical profile as a solo artist. Sam likes to refer to his genre as "Fondue Western" with a dash of self-irony; the dynamic, but his versatile style is also being aptly described as "music to dancing and to cry to" (SRF 3).

Fortunately for the Swiss music scene and Sam's growing, cross-border and cross-genre fan base, he returned to Switzerland in early 2020 for his planned tour with Anna Rossinelli – and stranded there as a result of the pandemic. But where the exceptional year 2020 stopped other music careers, it catalyzed the popularity of the exiled New Yorker: The release of his EP "Slow Drugs" in May 2020 is followed in June by the award as "Best Talent" by Radio SRF 3, views and streaming numbers for his songs and videos soared on both sides of the Atlantic, and Sam's breakthrough year is crowned by a Swiss Music Award-nomination in January 2021.

The forced quarantine exile in his homeland also inspires Sam's new song "Cry", the harbinger of his debut album "Power Ballads" which was released in autumn 2021. To celebrate the release is the perfect occasion for an extensive Swiss tour with a full band, featuring Benjamin Noti (lead guitar - Steff la Cheffe; Noti Wümié) and Georg Dillier (bass - Anna Rossinelli) who became two firm figures at Sam's live performances.