Sensu Concert at Palace, St. Gallen on SA 05.05.2018


SA 05.05.2018
Palace, St. Gallen
Jasmin Peterhans (born 27th of July 1992) known by her stage name Sensu, is a music producer, musician and live-act based in Baden, Switzerland. To simply call her a producer and performer of electronic music doesn’t do justice to the dimension of her soundscapes. While her unique signature style borrows bits and pieces from experimental, electronica and chillstep, a soulful warmth resonates from each of her productions that places them in acategory all their own. A classically trained pianist who also spent several years producing hip hop beats, Sensu’s ability to communicate emotion through music has begun to earn her worldwide acclaim. Her organic approach to sound synthesis paints each arrangement in strokes that take the listener on a picturesque journey through the mind. In the beginning of 2017, Sensu released her debut EP, Lose Sight, through Quartz Records. While the dewy vocals songs like “Far Away” and “Joyride” (contributed by Nadine Carina and Anja Joie, respectively) might make them more accessible to the entry-level music fan, one can’t help but wonder if world music will sound like the more experimental “Solivagant”and “Unknown Lands” far into the future.

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