Sophie De Quay Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - SO 10.10.2021 - Just Because
Sophie De Quay Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on SO 10.10.2021

Sophie De Quay

SO 10.10.2021
Papiersaal, Zürich

Anti-Covid-Massnahmen: Im Interesse Ihrer und unserer gesundheitlichen Sicherheit halten wir uns an die Vorgaben des BAG's: Einlass zu dieser Veranstaltung ist nur möglich mit gültigem Ticket sowie auf Vorlage eines gültigen Covid-Zertifikat (geimpft/getestet/genesen) und amtlichem ID.

Anti-Covid measures: In order to protect the health of everyone concerned we are observing the official recommendation of the Federal Office of Public Health: Admission to this event can only be granted with a valid ticket and on presentation of a valid Covid certificate (vaccinated/tested/recovered) and an official ID.

One day somebody stated : “Switzerland does not exist! " It was many years ago and it was, if not totally true, not totally false either. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and a new generation of musicians decided to leave this cumbersome legacy behind them.

The Sophie de Quay duet perfectly represents this new multi-cultural generation open to the world. If the HQ of the duo is indeed based in Geneva, the group is most often on the road. All roads. From Switzerland, to Lebanon, Spain, China, Japan, India, Singapore, the francophone countries and to the United States. In just 4 years, the duet has given nearly 200 concerts in 15 different countries. The duet presents an electro pop which, whilst seeking to create bridges between aesthetics, illustrates their affinity with the cultural and geographical sound of music from around the world. To consolidate this artistic trait, the singer and front woman Sophie can rely on the experience and talent of Simon graduated from renown music schools acquiring a solid stage experience, having performed on many different projects. Live, the band's rich electro pop is masterfully held together by Simon, multi instrumentalist and a drummer while Sophie, with her powerful and distinctive voice, creates an emotional and generous bond with the public allowing everyone to embark together on a special journey.

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