YOAV Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on WE 06.02.2019


WE 06.02.2019
Papiersaal, Zürich

After a long break away from the airwaves and touring, Yoav is now back with renewed energy and a new twist to his sound. The South African singer-songwriter marks his 10th anniversary as a recording artist with his 4th album "Multiverse". The album is set for release on 07 September and reveals a new musical adventure from a unique alternative pop artist.

The album was produced by Danish producer Lasse ’Illinton’ Mosegard, who lives in Ibiza. Illinton, a talented composer and electronica producer, has created dynamic multi-dimensional sounds for the album, also incorporating his experience as a film score producer which has added a cinematic element. The overall atmosphere is a blend of trip-hop, electronica, the ethereal and the eccentric, much like the island community Yoav found himself immersed in.

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