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AVEC is unstoppable. The young Austrian started her career with small club shows and then quickly moved on to bigger stages. She has shared the spotlight with The Tallest Man On Earth, Sting and Zucchero, among others. She has also been nominated for several awards and won the Amadeus Award in the ‘Alternative’ category in 2019.

The artist, who has been streamed over a hundred million times, will start her major tour of Europe in spring 2025, with a special focus on Germany and Austria. On the occasion of the release of her fourth album ‘AVEC’ in January 2025, AVEC will present herself as she has always seen herself - authentic and profound. This personal touch will also be reflected on stage.

AVEC's passion for playing live is unrivalled. She manages to give free rein to emotions and communicate with the audience in a unique way. The room is drenched in a sea of emotions through her music. Her concerts invite you to cry and dance, provide food for thought and allow the audience to immerse themselves and float. This music fills every room and at the same time has the power to make time stand still.