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Special info: CONCERTS & EVENTS in the times of the Corona Crisis


We were all glad and relieved that since the Summer 2021 concerts and events came back into our lives – and we are trying our best to ensure that everyone can enjoy live music while respecting and protecting one’s own health and others.


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, there are still many sometimes unforeseeable short-term cancellations or postponements and we urgently request all ticket-holders and buyers to also inform themselves through the available sources (venue websites, Social Media channels) about possible changes before attending the planned event.


Please also be aware that all concerts as of September 13. 2021, following the official government rules, require an official 3G-Certificate to be verified with a valid ID to enter.


You can obtain a valid official 3G-certificate ideally by being fully vaccinated, or tested negative (valid for 24h), or had a recent Covid-19 infection that produced enough anti-bodies for a medical expert to have issued you this certificate.

The certificates are checked at the entry with an app and the club are entitled to deny entry even if you have a valid ticket if you fail to have your certificate and ID.

We advise you to use the Covid-Certificate App.

Denied entry on behalf of failure to produce a valid Covid-Certificate DOES not entitle you to return your ticket.

Until October 1st, you can get official tests free of charge (paid by the state), after that date you need to pay for them yourself.


Please arrive early and have all required documents (Covid certificate, ID ir Passport and ticket) ready. The additional checks might require more time at the entry.


With the 3G rule "GGG", the requirement to wear a hygiene masks is not mandatory. However, we recommend that under-16s attending the concert to wear a hygiene mask, as currently young people do not have the option to protect themselves from a infection with Covid-19.


Because of the 3G Rule, there is no contact tracing and no data is stored. However, the applicable protection measures will be adapted to the federal/cantonal requirements and these may provide for contact tracing. Please inform yourself about this on an ongoing basis before participating in the event.


We also would like to point out that although at the moment, the 3G-Certificate Rule is only installed until January 24th 2022, but it is very likely it could get extended, should the pandemic situation not improve.

Health and safety is always our top priority as organisers.

For visitors, for the acts and for the crew.

To ensure this, we reserve the right to insist that attendees comply with all health and safety protocols and entry requirements specified by us, the venue, the artist OR the government at the concert, regardless of whether such measures are required by law or have been known / announced at the time of the ticket sale.

Any such measures do not constitute the right for a ticket refund.

The same applies if you get tested positive for Covid-19 and cannot attend the show – this does not constitute the right to return a ticket. You could check with your private insurance if such situations are covered, or you used a ticket-insurance for such cases.


Any other information and questions around the Covid-Certificate you can find answers to through the official government website, here (available in several languages).


On a personal note, we would like to point out, that, being music fans and loving the atmosphere of people getting together to celebrate great live music performances, we became hugely aware recently that we owe our entire modern lifestyle, to smart people before our generations that had invented vaccinations to protect the masses against dangerous diseases.

Without vaccinations, we would never even have the freedom to gather together in an any sort of such large crowds anywhere, ever.

Be smart. Get your vaccination. It is the only way to end the pandemic, defeat this vicious virus and regain the freedom to live and enjoy our life and live music without fear.

Stay healthy, follow the recommended hygiene procedures and don’t lose your love for music!

Thank you, your team at Just Because.

Company Profile

Just Because was founded by Samuel Galley who had previously been a business partner, booker and promoter at Ishtar Music Sàrl, and Laurent Rodriguez, an internationally active music manager, during the end of Summer 2009.

The company commenced its operations at the beginning of October the same year.

The company specializes in promoting and booking concerts within Switzerland and as such focuses on developing the careers of a wide range of international newcomers as well as established artists, and some promising Swiss talents.

Our aim is to provide a fast, reliable and well connected service to our business partners. Thanks to our long-standing experience, large network and versatile interests, we ensure to provide one of the most varied artists rosters in Switzerland.


We are looking for enthusiastic music fans that would like to support our bands by joining our Just Because Support Team! The main target behind your role would be to promote our upcoming concerts. This can be done in three different ways:

Flyer distribution at our concerts in Zurich

Handing out flyers of upcoming Just Because concert productions to the visitors of our shows in Zurich

Flyer distribution in your living area

Place flyers at well visited spots (bars, cafés, restaurants etc.) in the main cities around your home

Share concert news on Social Media

Post about our new concerts on your socials (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.) and invite your friends to the events

It isn't a must to do all of the three options of promoting, it's up to you how much you can help us as a Support Team member. In return for your help you will be able to enjoy free entry to some of our Just Because concerts, to which you can accreditate yourself in advance.

To join the Just Because Support Team write to us on info@justbecause.ch