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Catchy indie-folk-pop with emotional lyrics: Bear's Den from London are often compared to Mumford & Sons, but the duo consisting of Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones is especially loved by their fans for their authentic and metaphorical songwriting and their wildly romantic two-part harmonies. In their own way they combine art folk with rock and acoustic with electronic as well as very personal lyrics. After a year's break, Bear's Den returned in November 2021 with the single "All That You Are". A soulful and gentle harbinger of the new album "Blue Hours", which will be released on 13 May 2022. In essence, according to Andrew Davie, it's about hoping for someone's happiness, even if you can't be the person to make them happy yourself. At the same time, however, the track is also meant to convey the feeling that one should not be ashamed of striving for this happiness for oneself.

The story of "All That You Are" reaches far back into the past. The track was featured in the documentary "Austin To Boston" back in 2012, after the first Bear's Den tour, and served as a soundcheck jam for the band for years. The second single "Spiders" is more electronic. This song is about the fact that you also have to face unpleasant things, because they follow you, no matter where you hide from them.

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