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As soon as you enter Blanco White's world, you never want to leave. Sensual songs unfold like magic spells, time seems to stand still. You could swear that magic was at work. Behind Blanco White is the British guitar magician, singer and songwriter Josh Edwards, whose heart beats in southern Spain and the Andes.

In Spain, Josh fell in love with flamenco, in the Andes he learned to play the charango. Both are the lynchpin of Blanco White's otherworldly melodies. With three EPs released between 2016 and 2018, he became a streaming sensation, featured on thousands of Spotify playlists and now has fans all over the world. With each release, Blanco White shifted up a gear, from the haunting acoustic sound of 2016's The Wind Rose EP to the more complex tracks of his debut album, On the Other Side, released in June 2020.

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