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"Sophie Allison’s excellent studio debut is a compact album of clear melodies, plainspoken lyrics, and the impossibly tangled logic of infatuation." - Pitchfork 8.4/10 Best New Music

"Having established herself as one of America’s great young songwriters with this debut LP, Allison’s got the world at her feet" - NME 4/5

"This is music where the tiniest detail has an impact out of all proportion to its brevity" - Sunday Times

“Has not only made one of the best debut albums that this year will surely offer, but also a living, breathing document of how people deal with pain” - Noisey

“Sophie Allison shoots, and she scores” - DIY 4/5

“Instantly likeable as it is smart” - Uncut 7/10

“album that encapsulates emotions and situations that are as versatile as her sound” - The Independent ⅘

Sophie Allison’s songs are generously tender, pushing and pulling between preternatural composure and emotional disintegration.” - New York Times

"as she makes this empowering demand for respect [on ‘Your Dog’], Sophie Allison firmly establishes herself as a vital musical voice we'll be turning to in the years to come." - NPR Music

“The first single from Soccer Mommy's upcoming album, Clean, is so flippin' good...Sophie Allison sounds feistier, and better, than ever before.” - The FADER

“With her nostalgic pop sensibility, Soccer Mommy makes her songs feel intimate as she explores love, crushes and growing up.” - Billboard

"if Allison’s upcoming Clean includes even two or three more songs [as good as ‘Your Dog’] you might as well pencil it in on your year-end albums list right now.." - Stereogum (#2 Best Songs of the Week)

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