Allan Rayman Concert @ Papiersaal, Zürich - SO 23.10.2022 - Just Because
Allan Rayman Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on SO 23.10.2022

Allan Rayman

SO 23.10.2022
Papiersaal, Zürich

Support: Michael Lemmo

There is little known about Allan Rayman, a young, cryptic performer hailing from Lost Springs. What you need to know is that he is a consummate storyteller. Through his compelling narrative, Allan writes his tale of love, which to him is the same as death. The compelling thing about Allan is that you never know what’s going to happen next. His sound and visual aesthetics are a product of his emotional struggle. With every release, Allan presents a new chapter of his story for the audience to experience. In his simplest form, Allan is a musician. For him, it’s all about love and music.

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