Amber Run Concert at Papiersaal, Zürich on MO 30.10.2017

Amber Run

MO 30.10.2017
Papiersaal, Zürich

Just over a year ago, Amber Run received a phone call from their manager telling them they had been dropped from their label (RCA/Sony). On top of that, their drummer Felix Archer had decided to leave the band. What seemed like a good moment to chuck it all in marked a turning point for Amber Run who instead went ahead and made another album with the telling title For A Moment, I Was Lost .

Compared to their 2015 debut 5Am, For A Moment, I Was Lost is a much more mature album relieved of all the growing pains. Whereas their first record suffered from big production and mainstream appeal, For A Moment, I Was Lost takes a step back and let’s the music speak for itself.

For the most part, the record is relatively stripped down – with previously releases single Perfect being the great exception to that rule. The album shines where it is in perfect balance between being radio friendly (Insomniac, Stranger, Perfect) and intricate (Fickle Game, Haze).

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