Axel Flovent Concert @ Nordklang Festival, St. Gallen - SA 11.02.2023 - Just Because
Axel Flovent Concert at Nordklang Festival, St. Gallen on SA 11.02.2023

Axel Flovent

SA 11.02.2023
Nordklang Festival, St. Gallen

Born and raised in the Northern fishing village of Húsavík, singer-songwriter Axel Flóvent has recently supported artists such as The Paper Kites, Juníus Meyvant in Europe and Radical Face in North America. Axel recorded his first EP ‘Forest Fires’ back in 2015, in Iceland where the songs were written under the influence of everything from Bon Iver to Bombay Bicycle Club. It yielded an international phenomenon in the form of the title track, generating over 50 million streams. At 19 years old, he moved to Amsterdam. He admits, "I was supposed to be in a music mecca, but I never left the apartment." So, he traded Amsterdam for the seaside town of Brighton when Axel felt a strong pull to return to Iceland, and chose to plant roots in the capital Reykjavík. After all his traveling he finished writing his debut album You Stay by the Sea about the search for a place to feel at peace. Tapping into the DIY spirit of his earliest recordings, but with a sense of refinement and newfound wisdom. ‘You Stay by the Sea’ is out now.

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